Monday, 15 October 2012

Affordable art fair ,Complimentary tickets

The Affordable art fair, Battersea starts next week

The gala private view is Wednesday 24th Oct and there is a special late private view on the Thursday 25th Oct. The fair is on untill Sunday 28th Oct.

DUNBAR MILLAIS is at it's usual spot A4 and we have exciting new work from,
Emma Dunbar, Fiona Millais, John Maltby and Sophie Bartlett.

We look forward to seeing lots of visiters
If you would like complimentary tickets I have Wednesday evening and Thursday evening which both allow entry to the show's duration, and Friday day tickets. Also there are half price downloadable tickets available from my website           
All tickets admitt two.

Please email me by following the leads on my website. Let me know which evening or day you would like me to post you tickets for and remember to give me your full postal address.

1 comment:

  1. I want to come!!! I cannot believe I am now living here in the UK and can see your work for myself, and not just online!!!
    I am planning on it!
    Your art work just makes me so happy!